March 29, 2021

Leftover curry ideas

Now that you had a nice meal. You might have had a lot of options with your meal. Now you may be puzzled what to do with the rest. Refrigerate it for a brunch or evening snack the next day. to There are many things you can do with any left over takeaway food.

Chicken Wrap

First port of call will be a wrap coming to your mind. Definitely a popular choice you find in a quick grab meals to go section in a super market. Add some crispy salad with some sauce of your choice. If you think last night meal was too hot or spicy add some good old mayo or sweet chilli sauce. Now that you saved up few quid on a lunch next day.3

Tikka Salad

I like mine with some avocados, cherry tomatoes and fresh gem lettuce. Add a squeeze of lemon and voila !!! You can also mix some croutons or pearl barley for a lean supply of carb. This would make a perfect meal for a post work out session.

Spring rolls

Who wouldn't love some spring rolls to go with that bubbly? Add tikka pieces in a double layered filo pastry sheet. Add some freshly chopped ginger and coriander leaves and seal them before frying. Taste best with some mango chutney or minty yoghurt sauce.